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Becoming an American citizen is a dream of many. Unfortunately, the process is often complicated. If you’re not a citizen by birth, you’ll need to fill out an application for naturalization. However, it’s important to realize that not everyone who applies will be granted citizenship. There are stringent requirements, and even those who meet them may encounter difficulties. This is why many potential citizens choose to work with a Chicago naturalization lawyer.

At Gilliam Law, our team of immigration law professionals is committed to securing favorable outcomes for our clients. We understand the eligibility requirements for citizenship, but more importantly, we understand the best way to apply for this status on behalf of our clients. And even if you’re worried you may not qualify for naturalization, our legal team works exclusively in immigration law. This means we may be able to identify alternate options for legal residency and citizenship.

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Do You Need a Lawyer for the Naturalization Process?

The internet has simplified many things in recent years, and this includes the immigration process. In fact, you can review the requirements for naturalization and even fill out the Form N-400 application right from your own home. You may even know individuals who have gotten a Certificate of Naturalization without legal assistance. The truth is that many people are able to successfully navigate this complex process on their own. Unfortunately, there are also many others who fail. 

The simple fact is that the naturalization process looks different for everyone. While it may be simple and straightforward for one individual, another person could be denied without fully understanding why. This is why it’s so important to seek legal assistance with the naturalization application and process. The outcome of this journey can affect your entire life moving forward, so why risk making common mistakes or encountering hurdles that you’re unsure how to overcome? 

United States citizenship is a special thing. Let the legal team at Gilliam Law ensure you’re taking the right steps. Our Chicago naturalization lawyer is here to help.

What Are the Benefits of Gaining U.S. Citizenship?

Some people question whether becoming an American citizen is worth the effort. This is especially prevalent among individuals who have already secured a green card and legal residency status. However, it’s important to remember that U.S. citizens enjoy a variety of benefits that lawful permanent residents (LPRs) do not have. For instance, only naturalized citizens can vote in local, state, and federal elections. Additionally, only citizens will qualify for certain government jobs and school scholarships.

Once naturalized, a person may even be eligible to hold elected office in the country. Lawful permanent residents also frequently find that they’re not eligible for certain public assistance programs that naturalized citizens have access to. The most important benefit for some, however, is the ability to help other family members and loved ones immigrate to the United States. While LPRs can petition for immigration visas, they have a limited ability to do so relative to their naturalized counterparts.

Once a person has acquired citizenship through naturalization, the advantages they have are limitless. Let our law firm review your case — Case Consult of charge — and help you understand your options.

Who Is Eligible for Naturalization?

Applying for citizenship is complicated, but before you start studying for the naturalization test, it’s important to understand who is eligible to become a citizen. In order to qualify, an applicant must be at least 18 years old at the time of their application. They must also be able to speak, read, and write English. Importantly, they need to demonstrate good moral character. For instance, having a criminal record could interfere with the demonstration of good character.

Unfortunately, this is not where the requirements end. In addition to meeting these eligibility requirements, you must also be a green card holder for five years, married to a U.S. citizen, be the child of an American citizen, or be an active duty or veteran service member. There are additional requirements based on which of these categories you fall under. For instance, the husband or wife of a U.S. citizen will still need to be in the country a minimum of three years for naturalization.

Unfortunately, this area of law is too complex to fully explain online. Any immigration officer can attest to this fact — and the fact that all immigration cases are unique. That’s why you should schedule a Free Case Evaluation with a Chicago naturalization attorney at Gilliam Law. Let us review your case free of charge, determine your eligibility, and help you decide how to move forward on the path to citizenship.

What Is the Process of Naturalization?

If you’re eligible for naturalization, you’ll need to fill out Form N-400, collect applicable documents, and pay the required fees. This gets the process started, but once this is done, things get more complex. You’ll be given an appointment for biometrics, and you’ll also have an interview scheduled. This interview will take place at a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office. Applicants are also typically required to take an English and civics test.

If this process goes smoothly and your application is approved, you’ll receive a notice to prepare for your Oath of Allegiance. The process is not complete until you take this oath. From that point forward, you’re a naturalized American citizen! While the process can be complicated and confusing, the final outcome is well worth the effort. Fortunately, you don’t have to go this route on your own. At Gilliam Law, we’re ready to assist. Contact us today

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Becoming a U.S. citizen is a simple endeavor for some people. For most individuals, they’re simply born into it. Even those born overseas have American citizenship if at least one parent is naturalized prior to their child turning 18. Unfortunately, it’s not this easy for everyone. You could have spent years in the United States doing everything right, and this still doesn’t guarantee citizenship. However, it is possible to increase your odds of naturalization by working with a legal professional.

At Gilliam Law, we’re here to help you with all your immigration needs. Whether you have a green card and are seeking citizenship or merely want to establish yourself as a lawful permanent resident, our legal team has the experience to assist. Even if the traditional path to citizenship won’t work for you, we can discuss your options and what your next move should be. Contact us today at (866) 511-3422 to schedule your Free Case Evaluation. Our Chicago naturalization lawyer is here to help.

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