Chicago I-R1 Visa Attorney

Chicago I-R1 Visa Attorney

Keeping Families Together

The American immigration system is set up to be confusing, complex, frustrating, and overwhelming to applicants. Rather than extending a hand in friendship, it often feels as though doors are being slammed closed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you are an American citizen dreaming of bringing your spouse to the United States and have been married for two years, our immigration team at Gilliam Law is here to help.

There is a lot to consider when you need to work through the immigration system, and you deserve a legal team that will work tirelessly to represent you and keep your family together. Call us today for a Case Consult. We treat our clients like family. Call 866-511-3422 for an appointment.

What is an I-R1 Visa?

n I-R1 visa allows a foreign national to live in the US with their spouse as long as they have been married for two years and the spouse is a US citizen or permanent resident. These visas are complex and can be complicated to get. There must be a valid marriage certificate as proof and supporting evidence, such as photographs or other documents, to indicate the validity of the marriage.

The spouse must have a US residence and be able to provide proof of financial support, maintaining the household at 125% of the federal poverty line. This can all seem overwhelming and challenging to navigate. Still, with a compassionate and knowledgeable legal team on your side, guiding you step by step through the immigration process, you can rest assured that you and your spouse can stay together. Keeping families together is what we fight for. Gilliam Law is on your side.

What Are the Steps for Obtaining an I-R1 Visa?

There are multiple steps involved in obtaining an I-R1 visa. It can be a long and frustrating process. The current processing time is between six and twelve months. Many factors determine the length of processing, including how many applicants are ahead of you and how long the National Visa Center (NVC) takes to review your case. At Gilliam Law, we are dedicated to helping you through the process. We will help you begin the journey toward reuniting with your spouse.

How Do We Begin the Process?

The first step is to file a petition for Alien Relative (form I-130) with the USCIS. This petition aims to prove the citizen spouse’s intentions to sponsor the foreign spouse. You should be aware that once the USCIS receives the petition, processing, and approval can take several months. This is just the first of many steps in the process. It is a long and complex system requiring a knowledgeable and patient team to walk you through the maze. Our clients are our extended family, and we will be with you every step of the way.

The USCIS is a slow-moving machine with many parts. With Gilliam Law on your side, our team will ensure you and your spouse will not get lost in the system. Once the I-130 is approved, the next step is to wait for your visa number to be assigned. This number is usually available automatically; however, if the sponsoring spouse is a permanent resident rather than a US citizen, there may be a longer waiting period. The period you will have to wait depends on your home country. It can be anywhere from a few months to a couple of years.

After you receive your visa number, the remainder of the forms can be filled out online. Our team can help you review everything to ensure all documentation is appropriately filed. You must submit forms DS260 and DS 261. These forms all have intimidating-sounding file names but don’t have to be as frightening as they sound. Our team will help you with any questions you may have.

You will also need to undergo a medical exam and have fingerprinting done. The medical professional you see must be a physician approved by the US State Department. The US Consulate will send you a list of approved physicians in your area. This exam is an out-of-pocket expense you must budget for when applying for this visa. You will also need a fingerprinting appointment at a visa application support center.

What About the Interview?

You will be notified of your green card interview date and time. This is the last part of the process. Most people are familiar with the concept of these interviews because much has been made of them in the cinema for dramatic and comedic purposes. An important thing to remember is that while the purpose of the interview is to ensure the system is not allowing those ineligible to enter illegally, the interviewers are not trying to trick you. As long as you are honest, remain calm, and have all the facts to show that the marriage is legitimate and not for immigration purposes, everything should be fine. Our team is here to assist you and help you prepare, so you feel confident and calm before your interview.

What are the fees?

The current fees are:

When Should We Call An Attorney?

Being separated from your spouse for any length of time is difficult. At Gilliam Law, we understand how important it is to stay together so you can begin to build the life you have been dreaming of. We believe in family. Let us help you bring your dream home. Call us today for a Case Consult. 866-511-3422.

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