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Solomon D. Gilliam


Raised as an only child in the vibrant West Suburbs of the Chicagoland area, Gilliam’s early life was enriched by a melting pot of cultures, thanks to his parents’ deep appreciation for Latin heritage and its vibrant communities. This rich tapestry of influences was not just the backdrop of his childhood but the foundation of his personal and academic aspirations.

Transitioning from high school to the next chapter of his life, Gilliam embraced the energy and possibilities of Chicago, where he would spend two formative decades. His time in the city was marked by a pursuit of higher education at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), where he chose Spanish language studies as a tribute to the cultural richness he valued so dearly, a richness that had always been celebrated in his family home.

Gilliam’s educational journey was a blend of classroom learning and real-world experience, culminating in a year spent in Spain at the Universitat de Barçelona. This period of immersion was more than academic; it was an extension of his lifelong passion for the nuances of language and culture, providing him with invaluable insights and a deeper connection to the Spanish-speaking world he held close to his heart.

Before attending DePaul College of Law in Chicago’s Loop, Gilliam married his college sweetheart and began to raise a family in the City.

While studying law at DePaul, Gilliam took on a variety of coursework from International Business to working for community-based not-for-profits at the DePaul Legal Clinic. Gilliam states that he chose to study law: “in order to help people… People that have no voice or that are under-represented or disenfranchised… those are the first people that come to mind.”

Like many young lawyers who are anxious to start fighting cases’- but who do not have much experience- Gilliam started his career working at a Criminal Defense law practice in Cook County.

“Going to trial on misdemeanor traffic tickets gives you [the confidence] to start setting everything for trial… and that was the standard protocol back at that [law] firm- to force the State to prove its case if they didn’t give [us] what we thought was a fair offer for our clients.”

After gaining confidence in the courtroom through his trial experience, Gilliam left that small, boutique practice to test the waters of a larger private practice. That law firm handled several different areas of practice. Among one of the areas was Immigration.

In a short time, Gilliam was offered the opportunity to learn how to handle cases before the federal Immigration Courts. Extremely exited to take his Criminal Defense knowledge to another level, Gilliam pounced on the opportunity.

In Houston, Gilliam learned how to fight Deportation cases. After a few weeks of formal training, Gilliam would later travel around the United States representing clients, primarily in Removal Defense hearings.

To date, attorney Solomon Gilliam has represented thousands of clients and assisted in handling thousands of family immigration cases. Gilliam has personally appeared before the U.S. immigration court in cities all over the country, including: Chicago, Nashville, Detroit, Memphis, Buffalo, Louisville, Phoenix, Houston, and Seattle. He has filed appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals and successfully re-opened cases, won pardons for clients convicted for criminal offenses and also for those clients who simply crossed the U.S. border without inspection or proper documentation.

Mr. Gilliam has a solid network of immigration & criminal defense attorneys that are able to assist in his litigation of cases.

“Chicago Immigration Attorneys is about keeping families together- estamos aquí para mantenerle a su familia unida. And we study the law closely. Then we compare the law with the facts of the case to find a legal solution to your family’s immigration needs. ”

Attorney Gilliam is passionate about keeping people of all backgrounds’ families together. When asked about what exactly drives his passion, Gilliam responded:

“Families are the nucleus of every community. It’s the building block of our society- and the more diverse the better. I love my family and cannot imagine having to live apart from them. How can [we] be our best if we cannot live with our moms and dads or husbands and wives and children?”

Together, Gilliam and his wife raise their four children in the Chicago area. Gilliam’s wife works full-time and, fortunately, Gilliam’s parent’s reside nearby to help keep an eye on the children. Gilliam in-laws came to the United States from Guatemala and currently reside just outside Nashville, Tennessee. Gilliam’s greatest enjoyment in life is spending quality time with his family. Gilliam also enjoys travel, fine dining, watching his children compete in football and wrestling, reading and watching classic films. Gilliam knows exactly how important family is and he is committed to keeping your family together.

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