How Can Consular Processing in Chicago Be Simplified with Legal Help?

What is Consular Processing?

Consular processing is the application process for a U.S. green card when applying from a place of residency outside of the United States. The process of applying for a United States green card can be lengthy and tiring. A green card is a legal document that grants the holder formal permission to reside in the United States permanently. Consular processing consists of a beneficiary of an Immigration petition applying for an immigrant visa through the National Visa Center and U.S. Consulate overseas. The consular period starts after the application gets approved by the USCIS and a specific visa number becomes available for the traveler. 

What Types of People Need Consular Processing?

Anyone from a residency outside of the United States will need consular processing. This means any person traveling from any location other than the States at this time will need to go through consular processing to receive a green card or immigrant visa. If you are seeking a green card application for a family member or other party and feel like you may have to get involved in the consular processing for whatever reason, it’s essential to reach out to an experienced immigration lawyer at your earliest convenience. 

How Can Legal Help Simplify the Consular Process in Chicago?

In Chicago, it’s especially important to acquire an immigration lawyer or attorney as soon as you begin the process. This will allow the process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. When looking for an immigration attorney, you should look for someone who is skilled in multiple fields and practices of immigration, has qualified and significant experience, as well as someone passionate in this field of work, and is willing to listen to the client all of the way. Immigration-related issues can be extremely daunting, but legal help can allow you to cut the time in half if you have a solid team to guide you through this time period. Getting a green card is not quick, but an experienced immigration attorney can help you determine how to best proceed in your green card application process. 

Immigration lawyers at Gilliam Law Firm can even help assist and review your case to determine what might have gone wrong if you are experiencing a lengthy wait time for a decision to be made on the status of your green card application. Gilliam offers Free Case Evaluation for all first-time clients so you can be sure you are being heard throughout the process. We are here to serve the people, first and foremost. 

What Are Reasons Your Green Card Application Might Be Getting Denied?

If you have been waiting a long time to hear back about the status of your green card, perhaps there was a problem or error in your documentation and personal background. An experienced immigration law attorney can help review the necessary documents you submitted and help determine what might have gone wrong in the application process. 

Some reasons your green card application might have been denied could be:

  • Illegal entry into the country
  • Failure or Inability to maintain immigration status
  • Participating in marriage fraud
  • Illegally claiming U.S. citizenship
  • Engaging or conspiring to engage in terrorist activities
  • Criminal convictions

Some criminal convictions include but are not limited to rape, murder, sexual abuse, assault of a minor, drug trafficking, money laundering, domestic violence, burglary, human trafficking, prostitution, fraud, tax evasion, and firearm violations. Other reasons may exist for your denial of a green card or immigrant visa that may not be disclosed. 

What is the Quickest Way to Get a Green Card Visa?

All the routes to get a green card visa can be lengthy or vary in time. Typically, the green card is the most extended visa to get approved for, which can take over 15+ years to acquire. The fastest way to get a green card would be to follow some suggestions. The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program offers one of the quickest routes to obtaining a green card. However, it is solely based on luck. Select participants are chosen randomly for the process to go a lot smoother. 

What Are the Different Types of Green Cards?

There are multiple different types of green cards one can apply for. An experienced immigration law attorney can help you decide which would be the best in your scenario. Some of the different green cards include family-based green cards. Those types are through family sponsorship, including spouses, parents, and unmarried children under the age of 21. Another type of green card would be employment-based green cards. They typically offer a pathway to permanent residency for skilled workers. Another type of green card visa would be the Diversity Visa Lottery, which was mentioned above, where an individual will be picked randomly like a lottery. 

We Want to Represent You

We understand how daunting the consular process can be worldwide, specifically in Chicago. It’s hard to figure out which visa would be best for your situation with all the requirements and classifications involved and the extended wait times for green cards. Working with an experienced immigration lawyer can help determine which visa is appropriate, how consular processing can be simplified and faster, and what might have gone wrong with your previous green card applications through an intensive review process of your documents. To learn more about any field of immigration, how to get a visa, how to simplify the consular process, and how to set up a Free Case Evaluation, contact an experienced immigration attorney at Gilliam Law Firm today by calling 866-641-7517.


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